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8 March - NRUTube Management Video Lecture Theater

Marketing Communication: Channels and Promotion Tools - YouTube Videos

Integrated Marketing Communications

Strategic Marketing - Contemporary Issues by Prof. Jayanta Chatterjee,Department of Management,IIT Kanpur.For more details on NPTEL


Advertising - YouTube Videos


Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor (Kotler).

Advertising is aimed at a target market and buyer motives have to be considered in developing the advertisement strategy or program.

Five Major Decisions in Advertising

Five major decisions are to be made developing the advertisements.

Mission: the objectives of the advertisement

Money: how many needs to be spent or how much can be spent?

Message: What is the message to be sent to get the desired response?

Media: What media should be sued?

Measurement: What are the evaluation criteria for results of the advertisement?

These five decision are known as Fives Ms (5 Ms) of advertising.


Coca-Cola VP Jonathan Mildenhall's Guest Lecture on Creative Excellence

Uploaded on 11 May 2011
Coca-Cola's VP of Global Advertising Strategy & Creative Excellence and MMU graduate, Dr Jonathan Mildenhall, gave a guest lecture at the MMU Business School entitled 'A Manifesto for Creative Excellence at the Coca-Cola Company'.

In this video Dr Mildenhall talks about how Coca-Cola approaches brand communication strategy and creativity across its global brands.


Manchester Metropolitan University

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations: On the Rise

Uploaded on 14 Mar 2011
Who came up with those Apple commercials with the dancing silhouettes? How did the Coca-Cola polar bears campaign go from conception to completion? Get an insider's look at the Mad Men of advertising who come up with your favorite ads and market your favorite products. Hear from employees at major players in the traditional advertising industry and product managers who lead marketing and research for major brands. This year's "On the Rise" is designed to help you explore a career in advertising, marketing and public relations and uncover the paths you can take after graduation. Panelists will be discussing the industry, current work and future trends they see becoming popular. There will also be time set aside to answer your questions about advertising, marketing and public relations.

This panel was filmed as part of Taking the Next Step 2011



The University of Chicago

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